Little W

There was once a little girl called W. The main thing one should know about W is that she loved her friends – they were the most important persons in the world for W. The other thing one needs to know about her is that she absolutely loves flowers. Wild flowers, just like her. The garden flowers were beautiful as well, but the wild ones were her “thing”.

One day, W was having a hard time understanding her feelings. She felt that her friend, Aron, was not really caring about her needs – even though she explained very cleary what she wanted. He always brought her flowers: beautiful red roses. The ones that can only grow in a garden.

After some time, in which Aron offered her a lot of flowers, W felt she needed to say something. She was sure that it would hurt Aron. So, she asked her other friends, if and what she should say.

– Oooh, I wish I had such a nice friend, to bring me roses, said Cleo. You are so lucky, W!

– Hmmm.. why are you complaining? It’s true, they are not wild flowers, but perfection does not exist. Stop searching for perfection, said George.

– Nobody brings flowers anymore nowadays. Hold on to Aron, and be happy. Said Mara.

All her friends were telling her to appreciate what she has and just be happy. Of course, don’t say anything to Aron.

But then, one night, she started to tell something to herself:

– I love you, W, and you will always have me. I wish everyone to be happy, and you even moreso. Be honest with Aron in such a way that you stay true to yourself and you don’t hurt him. If roses don’t make you happy, don’t take them. They are supposed to bring a smile into your eyes. Mara might be right, Aron might be the last one who brings you flowers. But you can take your own wild flowers. Because their name start with W, like yours.

And W was no longer so small, she grew a little bit afterwards.