Titi bends all the time

Titi is a small willow tree. She is just growing up, and immensely curious about the world. She loves her forest, and everything inside.

Titi is a good friend of all small insects, who find shelter within her hair, which flows all the way to the ground. They always ask Titi to keep her branches down, because it helps them.

Bor, her neighbour, is a tall, beautiful pine tree. His head is always up, never bending – with a strong, powerful trunk. Bor has a saying “stay tall for your values, don’t flow with the wind”. And another saying “the sword will not cut a bent tree” – it means that it is “safe” to have your head down, but not at all honourable.

It is, of course, easy for him to say so, since he was born tall. His mom and dad, pine trees as well, made sure that the environment were he is placed will be fit for him. Will be fit for a tall, beautiful tree.

And Titi felt bad, small.. she was bending all the time. She was literally bending with the wind. Maybe if the wind would stop blowing, she would get enough “strength” to go up.

But the wind never stoped blowing for long enough.. and besides, she loved the wind – he made her sing. The leaves would move in a beautiful dance.

And the insects.. she was so curious! She loved watching them in the grass, going here and there, searching and finding and searching again.

Titi realised she loved her bent head. It brought flexibility. And made her more creative, living a more colourful and fun life. She was open for change.