Welcome, challenges of 2021!

Today is my birthday.
Well, right now, as I am writing this, it’s still the 11th of January – but I have already decided, since a couple of years, to celebrate my birthday for three days. So it can start now.

With 2021, this blog will also receive a fresh start.

Last year I only wrote a post – and this made me wonder. Maybe I would like to write about something else. So I will.

This blog will be in English, so more of my friends can read it.

It will also change focus – will be about the stories I encounter, small and big. Because I love writing, and I would mostly like to write about people’s stories.

My challenge for myself is to write often, hopefully daily, one story. It helps me, and maybe people will like it. But mostly, I do it for myself.

Tomorrow it starts. It’s a 365 days challenge, with a twist.