The chameleon girl

There was once a little girl with an incredible power.

She could feel what everyone else felt. She easily coloured herself in the same nuances as people around her. Sometimes, even in the same nuances as houses, or trees, or dogs. She gathered energy, happiness and power from very authentic people.

And so, everyone called her Colora.

And everyone loved to be around her. She balanced the colours, in such a way that magnified the positives, and reduces the negatives. When her sister was red, Colora made this red brighter, more luminous, better. Both sister were happy, joyful and ready to face the world.

But, as everything amazing comes with two sides, Colora also took on her the dark, bad times which people were having. When her best friend was dark blue, she turned into darker blue – and felt powerless to help Victor. She had no more strength to lift him up, she barely had strength for herself.

Incredible people are often not aware that they are incredible. Incredible people often do not see the effect that they have on others.

Colora did not see that, as she turned into dark blue, Victor turned into pale blue. But she was a chameleon girl and in time, she learned to take care of herself. She chose to visit the trees whenever she was dark blue – so she would turn green. Or visit the houses, when she was too red – so she would turn yellow. Or the dogs. The cherries. The sky. The water.

Incredible people have incredible powers.

And you? In which way are you incredible?