The girl who took care of herself

Let’s call this girl Dana.

Let’s also say that her birthday happened recently, in a year when a nasty virus rumbled around.

Third, let’s assume she caught it – or the virus caught her, however you want to put it. And for her birthday, she received a lot of energy from all her friends who called her, messaged her or simply thought about her.

But the following day, she woke up with a weird, strong, and frightening pain all over her body. Her bones and muscles never hurt before, the way they did now. It was as if her body suddenly gained 50kg more, and it the same time her bones lost half of their structure – the painful way. The worst part about this virus, though, was that it kept everyone at a distance. No one could enter her room, no one could help her.

So she got up and made fire in the fireplace, so her room got warm after a while. And then, she forced herself to eat, and drink a lot of water (because she always believes that drinking water will save her from everything). Then, she answered a few calls of friends, and assured them that everything is ok. And afterwards, she tried to tame her own demons who were suggesting she might become “one more number” on the virus’ list.

She took care of herself. Held her own hand, cared for her body, listened to her emotions, took a stand when she had to.

She received the most important birthday gift: the feeling of being complete.