A mom called Claudia

Claudia is a young mom – she fell in love when she was twenty-something, and without even realising she turned into a wife. Quite the wife that one would imagine: that cooks, and washes, and takes care of the house. Of course (because these things are clear when thinking about a classical story), shortly after the wedding she became pregnant. Her story was what everyone would expect it to be.

She stoped working as a hair dresser at the saloon, because her daughter needed her close by. Erika, her daughter, became the most important person, as well as duty. Claudia would cook for her, teach her all things, sing to her – just took care.

After three years, when Erika was big enough to attend a day care, Claudia decided to start working again. Mostly, because she needed the money. But Erika also needed her. So Claudia took hair dressing appointments in her apartment. Erika would sleep in the next room, while Claudia would cut, trim, and fix hairs for all her clients. She would always pay attention if her daughter woke up, or asked for something.

One day though, Erika did not want to sleep when she was supposed to – that is, in the same time that Claudia had a client. So the little girl decided to assist her mother. Claudia gave her a coloring book, and a pack of biscuits to keep her busy.

Erika was paying a lot of attention to the book – so much, that she dropped one pencil on the floor, in front of her. She could get it, but as with all little children, she could not yet understand how independent she really was. So she asked for her mother, who was cutting hair just two meters away.

And Claudia heard her. She stopped cutting hair, took the pencil from the floor, and gave it to Erika. And that was all.

And this is all there is to the story. Just a strong mother, who juggled work and family, and had a hard time doing both. Especially both at the same time. But she did it.