There was once a girl who never lied. She was honest, trustworthy and reliable. Until, one day, she lied. And no one could tell.

Sometimes, the heaviest burden is within yourself. And you are your most drastic critic. Your most fierceful opponent. You have an immense power to put yourself down.

Truth.. that was the name of the girl who never lied. Well, it was not her real name – but everyone thought it fits her perfectly, because she was so surprisingly honest, with everything.

The day I was telling you about was a sunny and normal day. Someone asked her candidly:

– Did I ever hurt you?

And she said “yes”. Even though Truth knew her friend didn’t hurt her on purpose. Truth had a wound in her heart, she didn’t really know from where or when – but it was there, and it was growing.

And she lied to her friend. Or maybe she didn’t lie. Because, only Truth knew how that wound felt like and only she could imagine how did it start. But nevertheless, she never intended to hurt her friend. Or maybe she did, so that her friend would feel a little bit of the wound.

However, she shouldn’t have.

And Truth felt so immensely bad afterwards. Because words slip from us, and many times they are heavier that we hope for, and last longer than predicted, and hit harder than we want. And Truth should have known that: she loved words.

Being human is to live such moments. To have contradictions in yourself, to be truthful and lying, and not to feel lost in between. Because this is what works in progress mean. And humans are works in progress, that mistakenly think they are finished.