There was once a little dog called Codița.

She loved to protect her people, and was always on guard with anyone passing on the street. Of course, this guard stopped as soon as someone would enter the yard: she would take a quick scan, then immediately decide that the intruder was someone who would pet her. And that was her sweet spot: instantly becoming friends with anyone willing to touch her gently on her head.

Codița got this name because she was born with a small tail. Probably some corgi ancestors, of royal blood – and she acted like that, too. Codița was strongwilled, ambitious, on guard – but also kind, careful and generous.

She would get mad, but never bite.

She would smell the barbecue, but never steal.

She would bark, only until she saw who it was.

And two days ago, she passed away.

Maybe it is a good idea to never have dogs – the same way nobody ever chooses to have their heart broken. Is the final pain worth it, even though it represents “life”?