There was once a little dog called Codița.

She loved to protect her people, and was always on guard with anyone passing on the street. Of course, this guard stopped as soon as someone would enter the yard: she would take a quick scan, then immediately decide that the intruder was someone who would pet her. And that was her sweet spot: instantly becoming friends with anyone willing to touch her gently on her head.

Codița got this name because she was born with a small tail. Probably some corgi ancestors, of royal blood – and she acted like that, too. Codița was strongwilled, ambitious, on guard – but also kind, careful and generous.

She would get mad, but never bite.

She would smell the barbecue, but never steal.

She would bark, only until she saw who it was.

And two days ago, she passed away.

Maybe it is a good idea to never have dogs – the same way nobody ever chooses to have their heart broken. Is the final pain worth it, even though it represents “life”?

The beginning of Ruru

This day, one year ago, a small seed appeared in this world.

All of a sudden, this little seed formed a small head, and some two small legs and two small hands. On his head (because the seed was a “he”), it grew a small leaf. That was the sign that he had already started to be curious about the world and learn from everywhere and everything.


During this first year, he visited the Forest, met with animals and plants, and even humans. He could not speak the language of animals, nor plants, nor humans. But was able to do something better: to smiles.

And by smiling, he was perfect.

Happy Birthday, Ruru!

Here’s to many more years to come, and adventures to have, and wonderful things to experience! Your travel has just begun, and it is already special!

A hedgehog is lovely

Star is a very lovely hedgehog. He has a certain charisma, and likes a lot being surrounded by animals, and flowers, and people. He loves to explore the world around him, and is so-so curious.

One day, he decided to explore even beyond his forest – he heard there are great fields, and beautiful waters. Star wanted to see them all.

He started slowly, because hedgehogs have tiny legs, and also quite a big body (considering their size). So they are not very fast. Nor do they want to be fast. They want to be slow, so they can enjoy every little piece of time that they have on this Earth.

Star left his forest, he crossed a small pound, then went up a hill, through some tall grass, along the river. He met a lot of nice animals and plants on his way, so he enjoyed everything a lot! He was amazed by everything he saw, smelled and experienced.

After a few days of wondering in the wild, he decided to rest for the night at the root of Cera, one of the most special Sunflowers there were. But Star couldn’t know about this. He said hello.

– Hi, smiled Cera. Welcome to my home!

She had the most beautiful smiles that Star had ever seen. She was just soo.. sunny! Star fell in love.. It was nothing he planned, nor wished, but Cera was so graceful and beautiful, and made him feel alive in a way that no one else had ever.

And Cera loved him back. It was more than Star could have ever hoped. He was in heaven.

There was, of course, only one problem: he wanted to see the world, and Cera was a flower. So she couldn’t move. She had deep roots, and a beautiful community around her. She was admired and she had big plans to being positive change in the world. She was so radiant – she already did that.

Star began to wonder. Would this work, is it a good idea to be in love with a Sunflower. Should he not see the world anymore. And eventually, he asked himself: is Cera as wonderful as she seems? Probably not. Probably she is just a regular Sunflower, and he should really stick to his plans. After all, that’s why he left the forest!

– I do not think I love you, Cera. I am sorry to say this, but you are not enough for me.

Cera stood tall and proud. She understood that Star has needles. Not on his fur, but inside his words. Needles that were meant for her. Maybe he did not understand how sharp those needles were. But needles nevertheless. She encouraged him to see the world.

Star left. He crossed paths, and fields, and water and sand. In some places, he stayed longer, in others he just passed by. But as time went by, he started to miss “something”. It was not clear how he felt. And he did not want to think too much about it – after all, life is short, and the world is big.

One day, he entered a beautiful biiig forest – like the one he always dreamed about. It had huge trees, lots of plants and animals. He saw such marvellous things there, and such special beings – like never before.

He stayed there for a longer time. He made friends, and did not think about missing anything.

Then, one day, as he was walking through this forest, he saw a beautiful blue flower. And.. blue was his favourite colour! This flower was small, and seemed a bit helpless, but had such bright blue! And she made him feel excited again! Monae (that was her name) watched everything with such curiosity and wonder and excitement – it made Star feel.. young!

Star loved her – and Monae loved him back. He decided to plant her on his fur, and take her on his trips. So she could see the world as well – and they could be amazed together.

Star began the long way back to his forest, where he wanted to introduce Monae to all of his friends. They loved her! She was so full of life, and happiness and wonder – it was a joy to be around her. Tiny flowers have this special power, they belong in any place, and everybody loves them. They bring a smile on anyone’s face, simply by looking at them. And they are so easy to move around, their roots are not deep. And they make another home very easily as well – no need for a specific weather, or soil, or light.

Small flowers grow anywhere, and they are very adaptive.

Small hedgehogs do not know their words have more needles than their fur.

Sunflowers are.. well.. flowers of the Sun.

And without Sun, there would be no life anywhere on Earth. There is something unique to be a flower of the Sun.